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Can a white person use black hair products??

ok well my sister says i have very nappy hair like a a black girl [not tryin to be racist at all] so we found this pantene relaxed and natural hair conditioner. it is for colored women because they usually have nappy hair. so my sister says i should try it to make my hair look less nappy. i want to try it but my question is since it is for colored women, if i use it will it damage my hair?

Can a white person use black hair products??

Man! I am sorry that you are taking such a beating over a legitamet question. Normall hair product are hair products and they can be used by anyone no matter who they are marketed toward. But when it comes to black peoples and white peoples hair there are some fundamental differences that should be taken into account. The most important one is that black people tend to need hair and scalp products that provide a lot of mouisture which often means the products tend to be oily. White people do not typically need additional mouisture but use products that remove some of the oil.

Since you are only using the conditioner, it should not be a problem for you because it should help to soften the hair but i would also recommend the Paul Mitchell anti-frizz products or the Tigi Bedhead Control Freak anti-frizz stuff. I'm black and I love them both. I hope this helps. 閳?br>Can a white person use black hair products??

Yup, it will not damage your hair but it will make it a bit more oily.

Can a white person use black hair products??

well if your hair is the exact same texture as an african american woman,

than it doesnt matter what color your skin is

you could probably still use it

Can a white person use black hair products??

no... regular people can use those products too.

Can a white person use black hair products??

uh, usually have nappy hair

the last time i checked i could run a comb through my hair without it getting stuck or breaking in half

i think it will be safe enough for your "nappy" hair

but i'm sure there are products for your problem that are ment for your hair type.

Can a white person use black hair products??

I don't think that it would damage your hair but you should ask the people selling it just in case. I hope this helps.

Can a white person use black hair products??

I tried that exact shampoo because my hair was really dry. It made my hair so greasy it looked like I did not take a shower for weeks. I had to wash my hair like 3 or 4 times to get all the extra oil out. I say proceed with caution!

Can a white person use black hair products??

oh yes, because black womens hair is made out of superhuman particles that can withstand tortuous treatments. you may not be a racist, but you sure are an idiot.

its for hair. ALL HAIR if your hair is kinky or hard to manage, you would be better off using something that is for hard to manage hair.

Can a white person use black hair products??

I am pretty sure that saying "colored" is no longer a politically correct way to refer to African-Americans. Of course not all people who we think are African-Americans are of African descent either, so I don't know anymore... Maybe you should go to a hair dresser instead of trying to fix it yourself. My wife has this one friend who keeps dying her hair, and now it is all burnt up and nasty looking. She needs to cut it off and let it grow back normal. It is all fried, and looks horrible.

Can a white person use black hair products??

Colored??? Colored??? You're calling black women, colored yet you're not trying to be racist? Please.

Can a white person use black hair products??

No, hair is hair. If your hair is the same texture as black people's it should work for you. Some people consider the term "nappy" offensive. You could call it something else, like tightly curled.

Can a white person use black hair products??

It all depends because our hair is more resistant to relaxers. So thats why our hair has the strengh for those. But if your hair is truly coarse like ours then you may be able to use it . If not you may risk losing your hair. Be careful

Can a white person use black hair products??

Yes a "white person" can use products produced for women of color. African American products usually work your hair to make if soft and hold more moisture so why not? And if your hair is nappy as you , the colored hair products would be ideal for your hair. They would provide moisture, softness and make your hair very manageable. Plus most of them do not carry alcohol(alcohol drys out your hair), therefore that's an added bonus. When you go to the colored hair store ask the sales person for a specific product for your hair.good luck.

p.s. not all black people have nappy hair. I'm fully black and my hair is soft and curly.=)

Can a white person use black hair products??

if u have nappy dry hair then it might work for u. I've tried using it and it left my hair looking dirty because of all the grease, moisturizers and oils it contains.

Can a white person use black hair products??

No it will not damage your hair. My hair is very curly. couse and frizzy and I use ethnic products. I may recommend not using Pantene though. That stuff makes my hair frizzier than ever!! I would recommend going to Sally Beauty Supply or a beauty store and checking out their products there. Chances are you will have better luck will those. Well, good luck!!!!!

Can a white person use black hair products??

No it won't hurt your hair, it does contain more oil that you are probably used to having. But it won't hurt to try. Many people have kinky hair, it isn't only Black people. If you have Hispanic, ancestors, or even Irish ( Fuzzy red hair) it could come that background. Maybe you just need to have your hair relaxed. I have a friend (white) who has it done all the time.

Can a white person use black hair products??

its ok for you to use them. Before they came out with relaxed and natural. . .I used to use the regular pantene

also, if you are concerned about the way your hair is. Why dont you go to a hair dresser that is experienced with all types of hair or textured hair or black hair?

Can a white person use black hair products??

yes youcan you use it...your skin color has nothing to do with the way your hair is.

yourr welcommeess:]]

much lovess;;

Lauren%26amp;hearts%26amp;smiley for ya.

Can a white person use black hair products??

Honey hair is hair ! You go by texture not the race of the hair. Besides we are all one race, "The human race"!

Can a white person use black hair products??

it wont damage your hair. my sisters white and she has tight curls, and nappy/frizzy hair. she uses another conditioner that helps out her hair, and its nappy hair. it doesn't matter by the skin. its yur hair a white girl%26amp;black girl can have the same hair!

Can a white person use black hair products??

Yeah, the chemicals in that specific shampoo are not the things they use in relaxers or perms for coarser hair. The stuff in shampoos and conditioners in drug stores are almost the same across the board.

Black/African American people and others of any race with coarse hair sometimes use perms and relaxers to straighten their hair, this is a chemical process that straightens the hair shaft and has to be done periodically.

Just because something in a store is marketed for Blacks, Asians or Hispanics, doesn't mean it will "hurt" you. People do have differnent types of hair and skin, but lotion is lotion, sunscreen is sunscreen, soap is soap.

As an example, look at the hair dye section - Loreal has a line called Fieria with multicultural models on the boxes, and there's a line of haircolor geared towards black women by another company with black models of various complexions, then there's a company marketing colors for Latinas with names like Mexico Flame, Crema de la Corazon, etc.- it's the SAME chemicals inside the box! A white or any woman could get any of these hair dyes in light brown and it still comes out as light brown no matter what the brand.

Multi-cultural marketing pisses me off it it makes people think "It's just for them". The ingredients on the panel are the same, maybe in different formulas, but it's all the same in the end.

I'm black and pilipino, there's no shampoo for me :) I use Garnier.

Your question was very honest and I hope you keep learning about other multicultural stuff in the future and keep your mind open. You never know, someone may tell their kid, "You have nappy hair like that white girl over there" and point at you :) We're all connected despite the marketing.

Can a white person use black hair products??

Products catered toward colored women probably won't damage your hair. The most harm they will do is probably weigh your hair down. However- I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve with your hair. Most African American women have kinky and dry hair. The products we use, usually put moisture into out hair. African American women also have no need to wash our hair as often because our scalps don't produce as much oil. If you wash your hair everyday or even as much as once every three days- you probably don't need to use products catered toward African- American women. If you do wash your hair everyday and you notice that it get's dry and frizzy- stop washing it so often.

To make your hair less "nappy" I would recommend using aveda products, john frieda, or Frutis products. What you probably need is

1. A good flat iron

2. Some frizz ease

3. A leave in conditioner

Go into an Aveda store or Aveda online and they have this product that comes in a blue and white jar called anti humectant (or something like that) - that works really well when you are blow drying and flat ironing your hair.

If you are not wearing your hair down- get you some alcohol free styling gel make your hair a little more slick and less frizzy.

(also, even though I not offended by your use of the word nappy, you may want to be careful with how you use the word. Some women would take offense becasue it does have a deragotory connotation. I would suggest kinky instead)


Can a white person use black hair products??

speaking as a licensed cosmetology instructor, platform artist, and director of education for a hair company, i want to go on record by saying:

"hair has no color" products are to be used according to the texture, elasticity, porosity,strength, and needs of the hair and individual.

now, granted, there are certain cultures that may use certain products more than other cultures. however, we can only attain the words "only" "ever" can't be used in this context. i assure you, i have had the good fortune, and opportunity to work on many, many "hair textures" and with clients from all over the world. i must say, i thank God that i had the selection, and education, knowledge, to be able to make the good choices (from the good information acquired from the continuing education classes i have attended all these years) i also worked with great designers who taught me a lot about different "hair-textures"and to use all of the different products,to obtain certain looks. think, women of color, native American women, Chinese, japanese, portuguese, Hispanic, Asian, pakistani, new Zealand, Greek women... my point about this endless blather, before attempting a chemical process: please go to a licensed professional. second: hair has no color thanks for reading this

Can a white person use black hair products??

I have some background in this area since I am white but by g/f is black, and she is supersmart about using hair products. She helps my own 'nappy' hair with can get that 'brillo soap pad look' with some of her products, and because of this, my hair looks really great. I don't find any problems with it. But you need to know which products are the best, since even within the category you mention, there are lots of choices.

P.S. I think you should think of an alternative term to the word 'colored woman.'

Can a white person use black hair products??

OMG - Stop NOW - you'll turn black!


  1. Wow, the racial issue in this is UNREAL. I am a caucasian with very very coarse naturally curly hair. I could probably go 2 months without washing my hair and it still not be oily!
    The poor girl is asking for help simply because she has hair type the same as most african-american ethnicity. THIS IS ABOUT HAIR NOT RACE!!!!
    Frizzy, coarse, curly and unmanageable hair is very hard and time consuming. Go swimming and try to look cute afterwards haha not going to happen. Live in a humid climate work on your hair for an hour step outside for literally 2 min. Looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket. I basically just pull mine up all summer. Hate my look without bangs but no need in trying to keep them down gotta clip them up to!!!
    Being 46 now I have tried everything heard of. Some of us cannot afford a professional $120.00 trips.

  2. P.S. I ended up here trying to search for the same answers as the original person. Thank you all for help. Not sure to use it or not. I actually purchased soft & beautiful Just for Me! No-Lye conditioning creme relaxer. Children's Super.


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